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              1. 高溫高壓液流染色機MR
              2. 高溫高壓液流染色機MR


              • 型號MR
              • 品牌亞東
              1. 詳細信息

              主要用途 MAIN PURPOSE


              Dyeing,Desizing,Degreasing,Reduction and other ultra-low liquor ratio diverse processing.

              適用布種 SUITABEL FABRIC


              T/R,N/R,T/C,CVC,Cotton……Dyeing process of such tissue fabric.

              特? ? ? ? 長 SPECLALTY


              Fabric processing 1:4-6 ultra-low bath ratio control, greatly reduce water consumption, electricity consumption and dye/additive consumption, reduce processing cost and sewage discharge.


              It can effectively reduce the tension of the fabric, the occurrence of hairiness and defects under low injection pressure, and the high performance rubber strips can solve the scratch.Double nozzles in front and back make the fabric loose, reduce creases/improve feel, solve the processing problem of sensitive color.


              When the fabric is running, the unique left-right and front-back crisscross swing is applied, which presents the "S" pattern of regular arrangement and stacking, and the stacking is even and not easily entangled, so as to make full use of the storage slot space to effectively increase the load of the fabric and improve the use efficiency of the equipment.


              SUS316L high quality steel is used for the machine barrel and all dyeing liquid contact parts.The bottom of the storage trough is equipped with the design of high performance iron dragon net plate, which reduces the friction force and makes the creep operation more smooth.


              Equipped with automatic hair cleaning and collection system, the fabric can produce more hair to ensure smooth processing and operation, and reduce the time of manual cleaning filter.


              The main cylinder is equipped with special internal circulation system to effectively solve the temperature uniformity and dye uniformity.And equipped with excellent effect of rotary cylinder body spray cleaning device, to achieve low water cleaning capacity of the inner cylinder body.


              Realize automatic dyeing process operation.The operation is simple and convenient, so that the fabric has good stability and reproducibility.

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