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              1. 高溫高壓液流染色機SF
              2. 高溫高壓液流染色機SF


              • 型號SF
              • 品牌亞東
              1. 詳細信息

              主要用途 MAIN PURPOSE


              Dyeing,Untwisted,Preshrinking,Reduction and other ultra-low liquor ratio diverse processing.

              適用布種 SUITABEL FABRIC


              For 30g/m-300g/m, especially in high-density, superfine easier to scratch, slip, point defects, wrinkles and other thin fabric of jet dyeing machine solutions.

              特        長 SPECLALTY


               The special structure of the non-guide cloth wheel device, the reasonable nozzle Angle flow design and the cloth feeding method are used to drive the high-speed operation of the fabric under very low tension, to avoid entanglement, to improve the operation effect of the fabric surface of the traditional liquid flow dyeing machine, which is prone to quality changes, and to increase the dyeing production efficiency.


              The machine is equipped with feeding nozzle/pouring nozzle, which can operate independently from the main nozzle. The head door cover is equipped with safety protection device.


              Low bath ratio operation, can be adjusted according to the actual conditions, save chemical agents and energy (steam, water).


              Large flow nozzles can improve the leveling effect, high head high quality main pump to provide stable and reliable efficient operation.


              The main cylinder of the machine and all the contract parts of the dyeing liquid are made of SUS316L high-quality steel, which improves the corrosion resistance of the whole machine and ensures the stable operation of the machine.


              The heat exchange adopts seamless pipe hydraulic expansion technology, the heat exchange tube and the cylinder can be freely stretched to achieve reliable use stability.


              The circulation path of the fluid is designed in a reasonable way, running at a high speed, increasing the times of circulation and improving the evenness.


               Using the pressure balance device and the special tail design, the fabric is arranged in an N-shape, which is matched with the main pump inverter to achieve low speed to high speed operation stability.

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