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              1. 高溫高壓超低浴比液流染色機MF
              2. 高溫高壓超低浴比液流染色機MF


              • 型號MF
              • 品牌亞東
              1. 詳細信息

              主要用途 MAIN PURPOSE


              Dyeing,Untwisted,Preshrinking,Reduction and other ultra-low liquor ratio diverse processing.

              適用布種 SUITABEL FABRIC


              For 30/m-300/m,especially in high-density,superfine easity,superfine easier to scratch,slip,point defects,wrinkles and other thin fabric of jet dyeing machine soltions.

              特        長 SPECLALTY


              No fabric guide wheel device,the use of the special structure and best fabric design-driven flow nozzle angle high-speed operation,to avoid tangling changes perfect results,but also for the two stocks into high-speed running smoothly,improve dyeing production efficiency.


              Special dyeing machine main cylinder structure and the appropriate cylinder size,both high throwing cloth loading efficiency of production and utilization,and the fabric through the tail quickly into the main cylinder stacking peristalsis to solve the long squeeze fabric The creases caused by the pressure occur.While saving the traditional non-guided round dyeing machine water consumption and related energy consumption.


              Achieve 1:3.5-5 running low liquor ratio,adjusted according the actual conditions,savings in 

              chemicals and energy(steam,water).


              The machine is equipped with a nozzle into the fabric / cloth down nozzle,different from the main nozzle can be run independently,the nose door configure outomatic protection device.


              Man-machine interface control system using Yadong,intelligent full outomatic control,reduce human intervention,improve product processing stability,and with the central integrated control system for remote management and control,a permanent record of the relevant parameters during operation for inspection.


              Fluid circulation path optimization design,high-speed operation cloth,increasing cycle times,improved levelness.


              Using pressure balance device with special tail design,fabric is N-type arrangement,with the main pump inverter control,low speed-high speed operation stability.


              Master cylinder machine dye and all contact parts are made of high quality steel SUS316L,enhance the overall corrosion resistance and ensure the stable operation of the machine.

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