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              1. 超低浴比液流染色機 MD
              2. 超低浴比液流染色機 MD

              超低浴比液流染色機 MD

              • 型號MR
              • 品牌亞東
              1. 詳細信息

              主要用途 MAIN PURPOSE


              Dyeing,Untwisted,Preshrinking,Reduction and other ultra-low liquor ratio diverse processing.

              適用布種 SUITABEL FABRIC

              錦氨,棉氨,滌氨, T/C,T/R,鹿皮絨,超柔…等組織織物的染色加工。

              Nylon/Spandex,Cotton/Spandex,Polyester/Spandex,T/C,T/R,Suede velvet,Super-soft velvet……Dyeing process of such tissue fabric.

              特        長 SPECLALTY


              Large diameter single barrel double slot design, especially for the specific type of cloth single meter long input limit, the single machine utilization problem to improve, make up for the use of single tube single dyeing machine adaptability of this kind of products.


              The proper structure of dyeing machine barrel is realized, the fabric quickly enters the main barrel after passing the tail to pile up and wriggle, which can solve the crease caused by the fabric extrusion for a long time, improve the running effect of the fabric surface which is prone to quality change, and can also run smoothly with high speed and improve the dyeing production efficiency.


              Single tube and double cloth groove independent guide wheel design, the lifting process is non-interference, realize the fast running of each fabric groove.


              Large flow nozzles can improve the leveling effect, high head high quality main pump to provide stable and reliable efficient operation.


              The main cylinder of the machine and all the contract parts of the dyeing liquid are made of SUS316L high-quality steel, which improves the corrosion resistance of the whole machine and ensures the stable operation of the machine.


              The heat exchange adopts seamless pipe hydraulic expansion technology, the heat exchange tube and the cylinder can be freely stretched to achieve reliable use stability.


              The circulation path of the fluid is designed in a reasonable way, running at a high speed, increasing the times of circulation and improving the evenness.


              Using the pressure balance device and the special tail design, the fabric is arranged in an N-shape, which is matched with the main pump inverter to achieve low speed to high speed operation stability.

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